Genere: Commedia

Regia: Marius Balchunas

Con: Vladimir Yaglych, Pavel Derevyanko, Kseniya Teplova, Natalya Bardo, Igor Jijikine, Valentina Mazunina, Elena Valyushkina, Sergey Glushko, Emin Agalarov, Natalya Bochkaryova, Anna Mikhaylovskaya, Igor Ugarov, Yury Ignatenko

Durata: 98

Lingua: RUSSO

Lingua: n/p

Trama: Max loses his job at the factory and, in order to feed his family, is forced to agree to the unexpected offer from the former classmate - to work as a stripper. Hiding his new profession from his wife Ann, Max finds himself in a lot of ridiculous situations and eventually loses his beloved's trust. Seeking to restore peace and harmony to the family, he turns to his colleagues from the strip club for help, which at all leads to chaos …

Età n/p

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